Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Recording: Operators

Artist: Operators

Songs: I Die* + True

Recorded The Garrison ("Wavelength 674"), July 9, 2015.

Operators - I Die

Operators - True

I've generally been a casual fan of Dan Boeckner's various projects, so the first year with his new group Operators largely went under my radar. But, recalling that he can invest his live shows with no small amount of energy, I resolved to use this Wavelength-affiliated energy drink showcase to see his latest unit. Joined by Devojka (synths) and Sam Brown (drums) (plus, on a few songs, by Dustin Hawthorne, formerly of Hot Hot Heat and Beliefs, on bass) Boekner pushed further in the synth-heavy direction he'd begun to explore in Handsome Furs, treating the crowd to some throbbing disco-rock selections. Fresh off some time spent recording with Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh for their debut full-length, there was a lot of material in the set newer than the group's EP, including the first one here, which Boekner explained as "another song about psychedelic abuse in a small town."

* Thanks to Charles for passing along the title to this one!