Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Recording: Most People

Artist: Most People

Song: Falling Apart

Recorded The Garrison ("Wavelength 674"), July 9, 2015.

Most People - Falling Apart

One of those slightly-weird gigs, this had Wavelength's imprimatur, but was primarily executed as a corporate branding event. That created an inherently-awkward vibe, but the cheap-entry-with-RSVP format did create an incentive for the crowd to arrive early and be dosed with a couple quality local acts. For Most People, adding a third member hasn't so much thickened their sound as add new ways to keep Brandon Gibson-DeGroote and Paul McEachern busy, and that joyfully hectic we're-doing-stuff element is key to their charm as a live band. They mixed a couple older tracks with a run-through of their still-newish EP and looked to be having a helluva time doing it, striking poses and warning the audiences before each song's "sad part".

[Most People are putting together What Fate Awaits Them?, a special one-night-only spectacular for SummerWorks that will see them joining forces with MATROX. It's on Sunday, August 9th, and not to be missed.]

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