Sunday, July 19, 2015

Recording: Dr. Dunn & The Cosmic Range

Artist: Dr. Dunn & The Cosmic Range

Songs: [end of first section] + [third section]*

Recorded at Dundas Video (Track Could Bend #4), July 7, 2015.

Dr. Dunn & The Cosmic Range - [end of first section]

Dr. Dunn & The Cosmic Range - [third section]

It's always a treat to see Matt "Doc" Dunn in action, and even more so on this occasion with out-of-town guest Andy Haas joining in. His processed sax and ribbon synth — along with Isla Craig's wordless vocalisations and Brandon Valdivia's percussive touches — acted as foreground to the drone-y synth and keyb soundscapes provided by Dunn and Jonathan Adjemian. very lovely stuff — striving explorations for the modern urban soul.

[Track Could Bend #5 will be at Dundas Video on Tuesday, August 4th. Full details coming soon!]

* Does anyone know the proper titles to these pieces? Please leave a comment!

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