Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Recording: Nap Eyes

Artist: Nap Eyes

Songs: The Night Of The First Show + No Fear Of Hellfire

Recorded at Smiling Buddha, July 18, 2015.

Nap Eyes - The Night Of The First Show

Nap Eyes - No Fear Of Hellfire

Haligonian Nigel Chapman delivers songs with a dry, understated delivery, matching that with unfussy guitar and backed by a rhythm section composed of Monomyth's Seamus Dalton and Joshua Salter, who contribute a similarly straightforward foundation for the songs. That rigourous arrangement still leaves room for a lot of variation, and when they really into a groove, like set-closer (and album centrepiece) "No Fear Of Hellfire", there's a gorgeous Galaxie 500-ish bobbing undertow here. The very tasty full-length Whine Of The Mystic has just been re-issued by You've Changed, a pretty solid recommendation and vote of confidence right there.

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