Friday, July 31, 2015

Recording: Brass Knuckle Sandwich

Artist: Brass Knuckle Sandwich

Songs: [second piece, in three parts]

Recorded at Array Space ("Somewhere There's Slow Burning Torch Series"), July 21, 2015.

Brass Knuckle Sandwich - [second piece, part 1]

Brass Knuckle Sandwich - [second piece, part 2]

Brass Knuckle Sandwich - [second piece, part 3]

This occasional series from Somewhere There gives younger musicians a chance to share their work while sharing the stage with longstanding members of the community, creating opportunities for interaction and inspiration. Marilyn Lerner (piano) and Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) made a favourable impression when they teamed up earlier this year at the Somewhere There Festival. But with Lerner playing on Array's grand piano (instead of the Tranzac's console model) there were entirely new soundworlds opened up, including whole continents of subtle reverberations and opportunities for extended technique interventions. This recording is hardly adequate to capture the nuances of this quieter piece, but I'm presenting it here regardless as it was one of my favourite improvisations I've heard in the past while.

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