Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Recording: Old Haunt

Artist: Old Haunt

Song: Come Ye Sinners [composer: Joseph Hart]*

Recorded at The Tranzac (Tiki Room), February 28, 2015.

Old Haunt - Come Ye Sinners

I showed up at this one not knowing anything about Lucas Huang's Old Haunt project, but based on the openers that I had come to see, I was expecting something atmospheric and droney. I was thus a bit surprised to see that Huang was, in fact, a singer of songs, but it turned out they were indeed presented in an atmospheric and droney manner. Registering as something like a slowcore take on Timber Timbre, Huang offered the songs as mumbled dirges occasionally punctuated by muffled heartbeat kickdrum bursts — a little undifferentiated to soak in as songs, but offering up a pleasingly snoozy vibe. (There's a bit more distinctiveness to the arrangements in the group-recorded versions on his album.)

* Thanks to Lucas for passing along the title to this old hymn.


  1. Hey Joe, thanks for recording & posting this! The song is a hymn called "Come Ye Sinners".