Sunday, March 8, 2015

Recording: Mimico

Artist: Mimico

Song: Cloud City

Recorded at Smiling Buddha, February 26, 2015.

Mimico - Cloud City

Though there was an extended wait for Mimico's sophomore album to finally be properly released, at least the the delay was justified by the tasty physical object that resulted. The vinyl version of Incantations, with its hypnotizing artwork from Derek McKeon, looks like an bona fide ol' fashioned album. It sounds fantastic, too, with the band expanding their sound in all directions from their original template. Guitarist Jeremiah Knight has taken on a share of the lead vocals from keyboardist Ben Oginz and is increasingly the visual focus on stage, while drummer Nick Kervin's bass work has provided a different space to build songs upon. For this show, the band explored those avenues by having Dallas Wehrle (Constantines/Deloro) sit in on bass for the whole set, which gave an added dimension to all the songs — but what he brought really shows on this one.

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