Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Recording: Hurricane & Able

Artist: Hurricane & Able

Song: The Glory Of Love

Recorded at at The Magpie Taproom, February 27, 2015.

Hurricane & Able - The Glory Of Love

Barry Weatherhead and Shawn McDonald have been playing together in bands (including Blooming Rosebuds, Lipstick Machine and a pile more) for years, and this project has been percolating along in bedroom recordings for almost as long (some of the recordings on their bandcamp date back to 2008). They've collaborated with other folks to record and play, but the project moves along at its own pace.

But just because one gets the idea that they're mostly out to entertain themselves and their friends doesn't mean they're not taking it seriously; from all that time in all those bands together, there's a lot of savvy and craftsmanship at play. The music leans in a 60's garage-band style, leavened with heavy doses of early Stones — The Dutchess and The Duke were working in a similar vein a few years back. There's a bit of a lack of ambition in the lyrical department (there were back-to-back songs entitled "Little Girl" and "Who's That Girl") but the tunefulness and joyfully carefree delivery make this hard to dislike.

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