Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Recording: King Weather

Artist: King Weather

Song: [last piece]

Recorded at Array Space (The Music Gallery's "Departures" series), September 5, 2014.

King Weather - [last piece]

Following a test run, The Music Gallery has formalized their off-site series (now christened "Departures") under the co-curatorship of Tad Michalak, employing some of the DIY verve be brings to his work with Burn Down the Capital/Feast In The East. Further instalments are being planned, but nothing's announced yet.

The rainy night started off with climate controllers Steve Ward (trombone/loop pedal) and D. Alex Meeks (percussion) finding ingenious applications for their deliberately-limited toolkit — in this piece, Ward's percussive breath-bursts provide some structure for his layers of trombone, sounding like a thundercloud losing its way on a hot September evening.

Bonus! Here's some video footage of the proceedings:

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