Friday, October 10, 2014

Recording: Haphazard Hinges Ensemble

Artist: Haphazard Hinges Ensemble

Song: Haphazard Hinges [excerpt] [composer: Kyle Brenders]

Recorded at Yonge-Dundas Square (INTERsection 2014), September 6, 2014.

Haphazard Hinges Ensemble - Haphazard Hinges [excerpt]

Read a few thoughts about the day as a whole here. A keen-eyed observer might have seen an unusual number of saxophone-toting figures streaming into the Square in the leadup to this set, when suddenly there were no fewer than eighteen of 'em on stage. Under the leadership of Kyle Brenders, they explored a variety of sounds such an agglomeration could generate, from undulating waves to warped velocity to extended clacks'n'blats. Far more than the sax-a-plenty novelty this could have been, this turned out to be the day's highlight.

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