Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recording: Blonde Elvis

Artist: Blonde Elvis

Song: I Gave Birth

Recorded at The Garrison ("Going Forward: A Fundraiser for Sistering"), September 14, 2014.

Blonde Elvis - I Gave Birth

Full review to follow. Putting his organizational acumen where his mouth is, Jesse James Laderoute put together this day-long fundraiser at The Garrison in response to an earlier imbroglio involving a so-called "men's rights" group trying to organize a festival by stealth. The event was a success, rasing consciousness as well as money for local women's shelter Sistering.

Meanwhile, the live incarnation of Laderoute's Blonde Elvis continues to evolve to catch the nuances of the pop sounds he's pushing for on his recordings, pulling back from a heavier guitar sound to give more room for the keybs. Tom Avis (of Gay, Silent Shout, etc.) is now on board with fey gestures, dramatically sweeping hair and synth textures, giving him a role in the band akin to Brian Eno in Roxy Music. This set-closer shows all those synths in full effect.

[Blonde Elvis will be opening for Thee Oh Sees at Danforth Music Hall on Nov 23.]

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