Sunday, March 9, 2014

Recording: Mexican Slang

Artist: Mexican Slang

Song: Fever

Recorded at Sneaky Dee's, February 28, 2014.

Mexican Slang - Fever

Full review to follow. Running, as it does, in a counter-cyclical manner to the city's current good times for music, I don't get much cause these days to head up to Sneaky Dee's, but there's still a bit o' fondness in my heart for the joint. And on this night, a Buzz Records party to celebrate the release of The Beverleys' new EP brought quick snappy sets to go along with the still-pleasingly-cheap drinks. It'd been just a couple weeks since I saw Mexican Slang, but seeing as they're really nailing it right now I was glad to catch 'em again. Twenty minutes of sweet, noisy pop from Annabelle Lee (t-shirt slogan: "BORN A BAD SEED") and co. are a teaser for what should be a kick-ass forthcoming full-band EP.

[Mexican Slang will be opening for Hellshovel at The Garrison on April 9, 2014.]

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