Saturday, March 22, 2014

Recording: JFM

Artist: JFM

Song: Unfree*

Recorded at The Great Hall ("Long Winter" – Year 2, Volume 5), March 7, 2014.

JFM - Unfree

Full review to follow. Never have I felt such a seemingly unending, relentless winter in this town, but the monthly instalments of Long Winter were all welcome respites. This second season closed out with a somewhat heavier night — Fucked Up finally made a last-minute appearance to preview their forthcoming Glass Boys album to close things out. But there was still a lot of variety stuffed in around the edges. It seemed like the crowd at this all-ages affair got younger every month, and from what I could tell a lot of the younger cohort came with open ears, willing to take a chance on the bands besides the ones they came to see. We don't have enough of this going on, so here's hoping that next winter is once again a Long Winter. (Except, like, weather-wise. Please don't make us deal with that again!)

I wasn't really familiar with Jesse Matthews' samples'n'beats-driven project, but with an album on Divorce Records (and a new tape on Pleasence) it seemed smart to head down to the restaurant to check this out.

* Thanks to Jesse for passing along the title to this one.

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