Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Recording: Donkey Lopez

Artist: Donkey Lopez [Ray Dillard / Steven Lederman / Stuart Ross]

Song: This and That [from "Aurealities" by Paul Dutton]

Recorded at Supermarket ("Celebrate Paul Dutton at 70"), March 4, 2014.

Donkey Lopez - This and That

Full review to follow. More than just a birthday party, this event was planned as a tribute to Paul Dutton's "four decades of challenging the borders of literature and music". I mostly know him from his excursions in the latter realm, so it was interesting to hear the musical stuff freely mixed in among readings and reinterpretations from his poems and prose. (I did not know that Dutton had written a novel, but I left with a copy of Several Women Dancing.) Not that there's a hard boundary between those two fields, given that they're both based around the free expressiveness and infinite variability of the human voice.

This performance brought together those distinctive speech rhythms with a stage full of miscellaneous percussion implements and electronics (including, I do believe, a Speak and Spell).

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  1. You are correct, that was a highly circuit bent Speak and Spell. Ray