Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recording: Mean Tikes

Artist: Mean Tikes

Song: Break

Recorded at Handlebar, December 23, 2013.

Mean Tikes - Break

Full review to follow. Paul Lawton is taking a break from his Ketamines project, but there's no word right now if this is a pause or a stop. But in the meantime, four-fifths of that band's most recent lineup are now playing together as Mean Tikes [sic]. The Robert Smith eyeliner they took the stage with gives a hint of the sonic pivot here, veering from garage-y nuggets to Thatcher-era NME fodder. Newcomer Mike McKeever (who also plays in Pink Wine alongside Joel French) is the difference-maker in that regard, supplying liquid lead lines that glide instead of chug. The band has already been in the studio, so expect to see a 7" emerge in short order.

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