Thursday, December 19, 2013

Recording: Kith & Kin

Artist: Kith & Kin

Songs: Harvest Hymn [traditional] + The Log Driver's Waltz [Wade Hemsworth cover]

Recorded at The Music Gallery, December 15, 2013.

Kith & Kin - Harvest Hymn

Kith & Kin - The Log Driver's Waltz

Full review to follow. Kith & Kin's annual Holiday Wassail — one of those gather-ye-together events that engender a deep sense of warmth and belonging — had a bit of a twist this year, with the trio also celebrating the release of a new double album. That gave then a chance to mix in a few of the water-themed tunes from the very wonderful Cool of the Day with the more seasonal offerings. The group specialize in songs that sound like they've been around for forever (like the shape-note hymn here), even when they're ones like "The Log Driver's Waltz" that can cause an umprompted singalong.

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