Friday, December 20, 2013

Recording: Joe Sorbara + Co.

Artist: Joe Sorbara + Aniqa Qadir / Joe Sorbara + Andrew Lauzon

Songs: [excerpts from improvisations]

Recorded at Array Space ("Audiopollination #13"), December 17, 2013.

Joe Sorbara + Aniqa Qadir - [excerpt from an improvisation]

Joe Sorbara + Andrew Lauzon - [excerpt from an improvisation]

Full review to follow. All improvisers are students, but those who are students of York professor Casey Sokol might be a little luckier than most. The art of improvising itself can only be approached indirectly, but a firm grounding in active listening was evident in all of the musicians that he selected to perform in this special anniversary showcase of the Audiopollination series. Ranging from guitar to piano to voice to dance, the six performers were each paired with percussionist Joe Sorbara, who had plenty of tricks to draw on. Whether scrunching and squeaking a balloon for a vocal call and response or bowing a clanging bell (both heard here) this was an evening or constant invention and high calibre musicianship, doing a good job of fulfilling the series' mandate of throwing together musicians who have never played together before and seeing what happens.

You can revisit the whole night on the series' audio archive, but here's a couple clips from my own recordings. Take note that the series continues, now on the second Tuesday of each month, at Array Space.

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