Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Recording: Marilyn Lerner/Nicole Rampersaud

Artist: Marilyn Lerner/Nicole Rampersaud

Song: First Improvization for Bass Piano

Recorded at Creatures Creating Gallery ("Wavelength 583: The Bass Piano"), December 1, 2013.

Marilyn Lerner/Nicole Rampersaud - First Improvization for Bass Piano

Full review to follow. Tuning an entire piano down an octave (a process that I learned some more about here) does some cool things, with the slackened tension causing all sort of buzzing overtones and bell-like sounds. Lerner tackled the Bass Piano with full-on gusto, not only playing dense percussive clusters of notes, but also plucking at the exposed strings in the piano's open upper chamber. Rampersaud's trumpet work sputtered and clattered along sympathetically, making for the night's most fully-satisfying set.

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