Monday, December 17, 2012

Recording: Kith & Kin

Artist: Kith & Kin

Songs: Song of Simeon [traditional] / Shepherds, Arise! [traditional] / Take The Long Way Around The Sea [Low cover]

Recorded at The Music Gallery, December 16, 2012.

Kith & Kin - Song of Simeon

Kith & Kin - Shepherds, Arise!

Kith & Kin - Take The Long Way Around The Sea

Full review to follow. You can come to your traditions in a lotta different ways. Even as someone who mutters a lot about leaving xmas to the xians, my small heart still grows three sizes when I head down to see Kith & Kin's Annual Holiday Wassail.

We tend to get caught in the loop of those same carols over and over, so it's partially a relief to see someone drawing deeper, from seventeenth century canticles, to Appalachian folk hymns, to even include a song from slowcore vets Low. It's also an occasion to hear beautiful voices in action, starting with the familial trio of Kathleen, Martha and Ivy Mairi and then expanding to include their choir (Gabe Levine, Isla Craig, Frank Griggs, and D. Alex Meeks). Every year, this is an evening that leaves a lingering warm feeling — what more d'you want from your traditions?

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