Friday, November 2, 2012

Recording: Tusks

Artist: Tusks

Song: Syllables

Recorded at The Piston, November 1, 2012.

Tusks - Syllables

Full review to follow. Rock'n'roll has traditionally never been comfortable with getting older — more liable to toss a molotov cocktail at stasis rather than hunker down for a serious consideration of the slow accretion of entropy. Tusks feels like a challenge to that — neither reverting to childish blurting or collapsing into nostalgia so much as acknowledging the dayjob banality and patchwork of feelings as elements of the homosocial experience on a par with any purely music element. That said, this is no casual jam: the songs from the brand new Total Entertainment were played with distinction by Samir Khan and his band (who can also be seen in too many other noteworthy bands to even fit in here). The sound was a little bolder and more rockin' than I recall, with a three-member backing vocal section on hand for most of the show. Maybe it's not a fountain of youth, but it ain't nothin'.