Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recording: Doom Squad

Artist: Doom Squad

Songs: Born from the Marriage of the Moon and a Crocodile + Eternal Return*

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Exclaim! Magazine Destination Out Showcase"), November 17, 2012.

Doom Squad - Born from the Marriage of the Moon and a Crocodile + Eternal Return

Full review to follow. I came to this Owen Pallet-curated show knowing nothing about the night's final act, but it's safe to say it was rather a change of pace from the quieter bands that came before. Whereas THOMAS feel right at home in a church, there was a feeling that the giant cross above the band should have been turned upside down for this gothrave attack. Taking the stage in cowls and marked with mysterious forehead symbols, Doom Squad turned the quiet recital into a full-on dance party, with surging beats and long trance-inducing songs. It looks like the band will be playing the Silver Dollar on December 7th, by the way.

* Thanks to a commenter for passing the titles to these along.


  1. the song is called "Born From The Marriage"

  2. then "Eternal Return"

  3. "Born from the Marriage of the moon and a crocodile" is the actual title. Gothrave! dig!