Monday, November 19, 2012

Recording: Isla Craig

Artist: Isla Craig

Songs: Flower + The City

Recorded at Holy Oak Café, November 18, 2012.

Isla Craig - Flower

Isla Craig - The City

Full review to follow. Y'know — I get it. There are people who need to get away from this city to discover out what they're doing. There are some people who find it alienating or just too much — this city will starve you. But this city sustains me. It's shown me a helluva lot of beauty and it's made me who I am — when you're lucky, this city will feed you.

Isla Craig is one of my local music heroes and she knows about the city. An enthusiastic collaborator, it's actually surprising that her new tape (issued by Totally Disconnected) is actually only the second release to bear her own name. It's important that such a team player gets some individual recognition.

That said of course, this is also a collaboration, with four singularly amazing talents — dubbed "Soul Sisters Supreme Redux Version 2.0" — joining Craig, and for most of the night, their combined voices were more than enough to mesmerize and delight. To have any one of these women in our midst would enrich us; to have all five is a truly amazing.

With so many projects on the go, it's no small effort to get them all in a room together, but word on the street is that we can anticipate something really special from this grouping in the new year. More details when that gets confirmed, but in the meantime, grab the tape (or the digital version) and soak in the vibes.

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  1. I am a fool for missing this show. Really hope they can all do it again. Gotta grab that tape!