Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recording: Kontravoid

Artist: Kontravoid

Song: Killed In Action

Recorded at Toronto Public Library (Bloor/Gladstone branch – "Make Some Noise" program), November 9, 2012.

Kontravoid - Killed In Action

Full review to follow. Cam Findlay's Kontravoid might be best experienced in, say, an unlit basement chamber with mysterious chains on the wall. Bringing it out into the gorgeous and spacious Bloor/Gladstone library branch gave it a slightly different cast, but no amount of light would be able to dispel the darkness at the music's core. At any rate, the vaulted ceiling and temple-like arches were a worthy setting for Findlay's goth-y synthpunk. The large space ate up his vocals a bit, but here's a hint of what it sounded like.

As always, huge props to the folks behind the "Make Some Noise" program at TPL, who do an admirable job of reflecting our local culture back to us before it gets magnified worldwide. Several alumni of the program are now playing huge venues, touring in Europe and conquering the late-night talkshow circuit — but you can see 'em here first and close-up.

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