Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recording: The Super Friendz

Artist: The Super Friendz

Songs: Come Clean + Rescue Us From Boredom / 10 lbs.

Recorded at Lee's Palace, November 16, 2012.

The Super Friendz - Come Clean + Rescue Us From Boredom

The Super Friendz - 10 lbs.

Full review to follow. Picking selections from all three of their albums (but, perhaps pointedly, ignoring the one called "Nostalgia Machine") '90's CanAltRock stalwarts The Super Friendz returned to action for a T.O. show following up on last month's Halifax reunion gig. Sounding no more rough around the edges than the last time I saw 'em circa 1995, this was no doubt a love-in for fans of a certain age. The band mentioned that they were recording the show, so until something official and more pristine emerges, here's a couple field recordings to demonstrate how the night went down. There's a bit of chattering around me at the outset of "Come Clean".

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