Thursday, April 26, 2018

Recording: Man Made Hill

Artist: Man Made Hill

Songs: Rough Stuff + Midnight Nap + Dancing Secretly

Recorded at The Baby G, March 3, 2018.

Man Made Hill - Rough Stuff

Man Made Hill - Midnight Nap

Man Made Hill - Dancing Secretly

Celebrating the release of Fingertip on Pleasence records, Randy Gagne presented a high-energy cavalcade of hits to a packed-in sweaty and dancing crowd. Exchanging his laserdisc medallion for an atavistic return to a vest of streaming strands of videotape, this was all "go" all the way for a performer who is perhaps the stompingest Canrock icon since Stompin' Tom. Some of the album's collaborators, including producer Nyles Miszczyk and Zoë Alexis-Abrams (who had opened the night), joined in — though sadly a collaboration with saxophonist Brodie West had to be put off 'til another time. Exhausting enough all around that surely some of the crowd had to cut out afterwards for their own midnight naps.

[If you haven't had a dig through the MMH bandcamp lately, you should set aside some time to root through a whole lot of back catalogue that's appeared there lately. Man Made Hill will be kicking off a tour with Pink Noise at a totally stacked show that also features Bile Sister and Wolfcow at D D L on Thursday, May 17th.]

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