Saturday, April 28, 2018

Recording: Kayla Milmine

Artist: Kayla Milmine

Song: [first section]

Recorded at Belljar Café (Track Could Bend #36), March 6, 2018.

Kayla Milmine - [first section]

Brilliant work here from Kayla Milnine, whose solo alto work continues to impress, incorporating both familiar name-that-tune fragments and tangential sonic leaps that pull together as a coherent arc over the length of a set. There was also some tasty spacialization at play here, as the "fade in" at the start is, in fact, Milmine working her way to the stage zone from the very back of the room.

[Kayla Milmine will be playing one of three solo sets (alongside Paul Newman and Brian Abbott) at The Tranzac in an extra-early show on Monday, May 7th. Track Could Bend returns on Tuesday (May 1st) in a special "studio" edition featuring Jen Wardle & John Mark Sherlock, David Sait and Hank Powell (a.k.a. Karen Ng + D. Alex Meeks).]

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