Saturday, February 25, 2017

Recording: Deliluh

Artist: Deliluh

Song: No I.D. Denied

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room, January 27, 2017.

Deliluh - No I.D. Denied

A question mark had been hanging over the Silver Dollar's future for months, but this was the night that officially marked the beginning of the end, with a firm closing date suddenly giving a sense of finality about things — and a jolt to a music community suddenly seeing an epidemic of venues closing. On stage, Deliluh were in Saturday Night rock'n'roll mode — augmented with James Burling (keyb) and Alex Low (guit) there was an Academy of Sciences fam-jam vibe to this different lineup to the last time I caught 'em. The steps made toward stripping back/quieting down are either on hold or being allowed to co-evolve with a newfound heavy abandon as the band focused on stretched-out Pavement jam/drones.

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