Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Recording: Goth Girl x Lumi Kryzstal

Artist: Goth Girl x Lumi Kryzstal

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at Belljar Café (T.O. Noise #4), January 20, 2017.

Goth Girl x Lumi Kryzstal - [excerpt]

Amongst the stories of venues closing and DIY spaces under threat, there are slivers of good news to be found, such as this coffee-shop-by-day/bar-by-night turning into a friendly hub for loud and user-unfriendly musics. Located on Dundas Street West right opposite that nifty radial intersection with Howard Park that that sees a near-steady stream of streetcars merging in and out, the Belljar is a small-ish space, but quite adequate to the needs of several flavours of noise music. This series comes more from the punk end of the harsh-noise scene, but there are signs that there's an effort being made to book from a wider spectrum and let different sounds rub up against one another.

This collaborative set put the night into more electroacoustic territory, with scraped instrumentation competing with pedal-noise — and everything soaring into bursts of feedback.

[The series returns to The Belljar on Saturday, March 11th, with a night that will include Beard Closet's noise refraction Samesex, plus sets from Marion, Excrement Binge and Corrodesion.]

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