Thursday, February 23, 2017

Recording: Robin Kobrynski

Artist: Robin Kobrynski

Song: Panoptic [excerpt]

Recorded at The Music Gallery (The New Flesh), January 21, 2017.

Robin Kobrynski - Panoptic [excerpt]

Though cloaked in some curator-speak that didn't do much to inform what this show would be like, the event's Cronenbergesque title gave some hint of what was going to unfold. A cybernetic concept show where the "systems" played the pieces (with humans at hand to merely assist), the half-dozen installations/mini-sets ranged from the new-fangled and buzzy (neural networks!) to the recently-retro (watching MS Paint dry) to good ol' fashioned Rube Goldberg machines. The visuals were the real stars of the night, but there were interesting sonics attached to most of the projects as well. This opening piece played on the contemporary embrace/fear of surveillance, with a live feed of the audience warping and melting while these ominous tones played.

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