Saturday, December 10, 2016

Recording: Deliluh

Artist: Deliluh

Song: Mass. Son

Recorded at Owl's Club (basement), November 10, 2016.

Deliluh - Mass. Son

This night was held down in the awesome space of the Owl's Club basement, a room feeling untouched by time, where it could easily be twenty or thirty years ago. This space has been the site of a few shows lately presented by Raw Materials, a loose coalition that's more of a co-operative than a label — they put out tapes and book shows, but also have their own late-night talk show. A lot of these efforts are overseen by Kyle Knapp, who's been putting on community minded shows at libraries and other cool spots.

He also fronts Deliluh, a band that seems to be shedding old skins and exploring new forms. A bit more of a ramshackle rock concern on their first couple EP's, things are being stripped back to the point that older songs are being reinterpreted solo or as a duo. This band incarnation sort of splits the difference, sounding at times like John Critchley fronting Pavement, but quite often the debris slide is being reined in and pushing the band toward sleep-rock territory. In fact, things were often at their best here when the band was languidly working their way into a song, such as on this set opener that has some violin textures from Ami Spears, before she switched over to drums.

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