Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recording: L CON

Artist: L CON

Song: A Sign in Space*

Recorded at Junction City Music Hall, April 9, 2015.

L CON - A Sign in Space

Ever the gracious host, Lisa Conway bumped herself down to the opening slot at this gig to give space to some Peterborough friends stopping in town before the whole crew would head on to Guelph the next night to play the Kazoo festival. That made this a chance to test out a new alignment for her long-simmering L CON project. Not only was there a whole set of new material, but the presentation has gotten a little bolder in a trio format that sees Conway playing alongside Andrew Collins (also of Skeletones Four) and Mary Wood, who all variously shared duties on keybs, guit, bass and drum machine.

Conway's ballads are now being re-imagined even more daringly than before, with tracks such as this one edging into minimalist postpunk/disco territory. Of course, Conway's song-world still operates in geological time — this tune asks "what's another two million years?" and the one that followed it upped the ante by musing about 500 million years — time enough to float in the black primordial seas and watch the fish swim by, eyeing you warily. (Slicing those eons into more manageable chunks, expect a new 7" to emerge this summer.)

* Thanks to Andrew for passing the title to this one along!