Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recording: Allison Cameron

Artist: Allison Cameron

Song: [excerpt from last section]

Recorded at April 7, 2015 at Johnny Jackson ("Track Could Bend #1").

Allison Cameron - [excerpt from last section]

A new night of sonic instability, this actually nestled into Johnny Jackson quite nicely, giving the audience a chance to lounge and relax in comfort, and take in some experimental music in hi-fi sound. Allison Cameron filled two tables with her mini-amps, speakers and electronic devices, spending the first part of her set adding banjo plucks to the hums and buzzes, then paying more focused attention to shaping the sonic sculpture. Taken from that latter section, this includes a recording of an ice cream truck (or merry go round?) that keeps bobbing above the soundwaves.

[Track Could Bend continues at Little Italy's Johnny Jackson on the first Tuesday of every month, with shows starting & ending early. The next one will be Tuesday, May 5th.]

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