Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recording: Jesse James Laderoute

Artist: Jesse James Laderoute

Song: [edited excerpt from first piece]

Recorded at April 7, 2015 at Johnny Jackson ("Track Could Bend #1").

Jesse James Laderoute - [edited excerpt from first piece]

One of the goals of this new series is to collapse some of the walls between the "improvised" and "rock" scenes, because sometimes people are actually playing similar music to different crowds — and sometimes musicians who should be seeing each other as peers just don't encounter each other. It was with that in mind that Jesse Laderoute (better known for his work in Young Mother and, more recently, Blonde Elvis) showed off his experimental side, bringing some Reich-ian repetitions and phone phreaking to close out the night. (Do note that this selection here reveals the heavy hand of the recordist, enfolding a chunk former within the latter section of the original.)

[Track Could Bend continues at Little Italy's Johnny Jackson on the first Tuesday of every month, with shows starting & ending early. The next one will be Tuesday, May 5th.]

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