Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Recording: Continuum Contemporary Music

Artist: Continuum Contemporary Music [Aaron Schwebel + Stephanie Chua]

Songs: La Bernardina + Ile fantasies de Joskin [composer: Josquin des Prez] / Chromatic Fundamentals [composer: Peter Adriaansz]

Recorded at Toronto Reference Library (Elizabeth Beeton Auditorium), March 17, 2014.

Continuum Contemporary Music - La Bernardina + Ile fantasies de Joskin

Continuum Contemporary Music - Chromatic Fundamentals

Continuum used its slot in the "New Music 101" series to present a stripped-down performance of a contemporary piece as well as the "quintessentially Dutch" work of 16th century Netherlandish composer Josquin des Prez. Those acted as a bit of a backgrounder to their upcoming Gaudeamus concerts, which are on tap this week at The Music Gallery, and they come in two intriguing flavours: "Deconstructed" (which links visiting Dutch musicians with an all-star crew of local improvisers, including Nicole Rampersaud, Josh Cole, Rick Sacks and Allison Cameron) and "Reconstructed" (where Continuum's ensemble and The Array Ensemble join forces with the visiting guests to play some music by some award-winning composers at Gaudeamus' Muziekweek festival).

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