Friday, April 25, 2014

Download: "Selections, Vol. 1 "

Given that I started without much of a long-term plan, it's not a huge surprise to note that I've now been recording shows for five years. But to look back at the collection that I've amassed — and tried, as much as I can, to share — evokes a sort of pleasant shock. What good fortune we have to be in the midst of so much richness!

To help mark the anniversary, my friends at Reel Cod and Pleasence Records helped to create a tangible artifact, collecting some of my fave moments from the past few years. You can grip this (to use the idiom of our times) in cassette form if you act quickly — but if tapes ain't your bag (or if you prefer immediacy to physicality) you can also dig it/stream it/download it over at Bandcamp. (Which makes it available in FLAC, which is important for a few of us.)

Grab it here:

Mechanical Forest Sound — Selections, Vol. 1

Sincere thanks to all the artists involved — go to their shows, buy their albums! And thanks to Chris and James, who not only facilitated making this into a tangible thing, but actually sat me down when I agreed that it was cool idea and actually made it happen.

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