Sunday, April 20, 2014

Recording: Continuum, Array and Guests

Artist: Continuum's Ensemble with The Array Ensemble and Guests

Song: Babbitt [excerpt] (Composer: Michael Oesterle)

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Gaudeamus: Reconstructed"), April 4, 2014.

Continuum, Array and Guests - Babbitt [excerpt]

Full review to follow. The second night of the mini-festival in celebration of The Netherlands' Gaudeamus Muziekweek contrasted the previous night's improvisations by presenting works by a few composers — Dutch and Canadian — who have been associated with Gaudeamus in the past. To realize this vision, Continuum's ensemble was joined by The Array Ensemble as well as guests Michiel van Dijk, Koen Kaptijn, Nora Mulder, Rob MacDonald and Bas Wiegers. This piece from Michael Oesterle, as well as those from Louis Andriessen, Yannis Kyriakides and eldritch priest brought out a satisfying variety of textures.

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