Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Recording: Holiday Rambler

Artist: Holiday Rambler

Songs: August 16, 1942 [story] + Made for Him

Recorded at The Garrison ("All Toronto's Parties"), November 22, 2013.

Holiday Rambler - August 16, 1942

Holiday Rambler - Made for Him

Full review to follow. Toronto's DIY show promoters have generally been more mutual admirers than competitors, and now, this is the first flowering of a new commitment to work together. Wavelength, Weird Canada, Silent Shout, Feast in the East and Pleasence Records each picked an act for this joint show, which packed The Garrison with music and other diversions.

While the chatty crowd filtered in to the room (and threatened to drown out the performance), man-out-of-time D. Alex Meeks related his gothic tales with unconcerned beneficence. Presented in glorious monophonic sound.

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