Saturday, August 3, 2013

Recording: Wish

Artist: Wish

Songs: unknowns + Frances In Space

Recorded at Izakaya Sushi House, August 2, 2013.

Wish - unknowns

Wish - Frances In Space

Full review to follow. There's very little info out there yet on this new band — as far as I can tell, they started playing shows just a couple months ago and have no online presence of their own yet. But they're composed of some familiar faces, with Breeze's Kyle Connolly (who handles the lead vox and guit) joined by Milk Lines' Emily Frances (bass), Beliefs' Josh Korody (guit), and Decades' Peter Gosling (drums). "Supergroup" is probably too presumptive, but let's call this a recombinant force to be reckoned with. With Korody's and Connolly's guitars up front, it's no surprise that there's a taste of the dream-pop you'd find in their other projects, but this project expands in some other directions, too — brushing up against a sort of noisy paisley underground vibe at a couple points. Just to give a sense of what they've got going on, here's one of their songs plus a tasty instrumental number to boot.

With a full set's worth of material, they look to be eager to get this on stage. You'll be able to see 'em again next Wednesday at the Piston, joining Mystic Triangle in welcoming The Backhomes to town.

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