Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Recording: Castle If

Artist: Castle If

Songs: Running Through The Sprawl + Sector 01

Recorded at The Music Gallery, August 25, 2018.

Castle If - Running Through The Sprawl

Castle If - Sector 01

A happy but emotional night as Jess Forrest celebrated the release of the (wholly excellent) Sector 03 album. Not only was this a long time coming (audiences had been hearing this music in performance for some years now), it was also the end of an era, as Forrest marked the "last performance in my pop persona" to focus on soundtrack work. (Forrest discussed the personal impetus for such a big change in a facebook post.)

That made hearing this performance of the full album (including live rarities like the closing "Sector 01") all the more special. It also sounded very good in the large old church hall — as has been noted previously, the new Music Gallery is a good spot for electronic music. Forrest celebrated the occasion by asking the crowd to move closer and dance awkwardly with her, and the energy going back to the stage seemed to lift her through the set. Forever is a long time, so I suspect we'll be hearing Castle If live again, somehow, someday, but for now this was a superb adieu.

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