Saturday, May 5, 2018

Recording: Sweet Pea

Artist: Sweet Pea

Song: What It Is

Recorded at The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), March 23, 2018.

Sweet Pea - What It Is

With Long Winter taking over The Tranzac for the night, the regular Southern Cross programming was crammed together in the early part of the night before giving over to the all-ages spectacle. Hopefully that meant the early-arrivers got a chance to hear some excellent improvised music... plus this band full of excellent improvisers singing pop tunes with hearts wide open. Co-fronted by Rebecca Hennessy and Julia Hambleton, this combo offered plenty accordion/ukulele/clarinet, putting it in the zone of "quirky" folk bands like Ed's Redeeming Qualities — albeit with songs assembled by accomplished composers. Playing their album from top to bottom, there were hints of McGarrigle-esque harmonies and plenty pop smarts — give this song (with an ace guest turn from Tom Richards on trombone) a "rock" arrangement and it could easily pass for something from the jauntier edge of The Go-Betweens' songbook.

[Sweet Pea will be formally launching their CD with a celebration at The Tranzac on Friday, May 25th.]

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