Friday, May 18, 2018

Recording: Ken Aldcroft Emergents Ensembles

Artist: Ensembles containing Karen Ng/Emily Denison/Andrew Furlong/Mark Zurawinski/Daniel Kruger

Songs: East of Baghdad + A Country Mile + Threads III [composer: Ken Aldcroft]

Recorded at The Music Gallery @ 918 Bathurst (Emergents III:The Music of Ken Aldcroft), April 6, 2018.

Karen Ng/Andrew Furlong/Mark Zurawinski - East of Baghdad

Daniel Kruger + Emily Denison - A Country Mile

Karen Ng/Emily Denison/Andrew Furlong/Mark Zurawinski/Daniel Kruger - Threads III

This evening in the MG's Emergents series was dedicated to the music of the much-missed Ken Aldcroft, presented by a group of musicians who were Aldcroft's bandmates and students. The first half split the group into two smaller sub-units before bringing everyone on stage to tackle music from several sections of Ken's diverse songbook, all of which explore different ways to combine an improvisatory spark with structured composition. So, here we have a piece written for rebetiko rockers Alaniaris, as well an acoustic re-interpretation from his Threadgill-inspired Threads unit. There was also some Convergence-style sign-flashing as well as a new composition offered in remembrance by saxophonist Karen Ng.

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