Sunday, July 9, 2017

Recording: Stargoon

Artist: Stargoon

Song: Live at Bradstock [edited excerpt]

Recorded at Terry's Farm (Bradstock XXV – Night 1), Bradford, July 16, 2016.

Stargoon - Live at Bradstock [edited excerpt]

For the past twenty-five years, some genuine and proper hippies have been assembling out past Bradford at Terry's farm to rekindle some "peace and love and music" vibes, offering a weekend of free sounds and free camping. Terry had decided to cap off a good run at a nice, round number, creating a bittersweet vibe to this year's event. Among the saddened crowd reacting to that news was Luca Capone (drummer for Moonwood/host of CJRU's "The Night Shift"), one of Terry's former students who had played the festival several times previously. With none of his usual projects available, he turned to the next best thing and asked if I wanted to team up for the gig. And thus the origin story of Stargoon, an improvising krautrock band named after a paint colour created by a neural network. (We were joined here by James Gill on bass, who had played with Capone several times in the past at Bradstock.)

The festival turned out to be an interesting experience. A meadow hillside created a natural amphitheatre, and the stage was a gazebo behind a moat-like water feature. There was a succession of acts, offering folk songs, Grateful Dead-ish jams, and even a little garage rock. Back by the house, there was a pen with some goats and a mule. Through mysterious hippie decision-making processes, we ended up playing last on the festival's opening night, fighting off the swarms of mosquitoes attracted to the stage lights, as we cranked out a half-hour of sounds. Seemed to go over well enough with the folks on hand.

[I have been documenting Stargoon "live in the studio" with a pair of EP's over on bandcamp. Stargoon will be making their Toronto debut at Nite Comfort on Sunday, August 6th.]

[second photo by Luca Capone.]

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