Friday, July 28, 2017

Recording: ~peace : will austin

Artist: ~peace : will austin

Song: [excerpt from first section]*

Recorded at Handlebar (Nite Comfort 46), July 2, 2017.

~peace : will austin - [excerpt from first section]

This solo turn from Will Austin saw him armed with a full-sized keyboard, guitar, sequencer and sundry other flashing light doodads, from which he constructed an off-kilter wander through some folktronic byways. Unafraid to crank up his vocal effects to a slightly goofy zone while creating his tracks on the fly, this had the silly/serious vibe of a clown walking on a tightrope with no trampoline underneath.

[Nite Comfort returns to Handlebar on Sunday, August 6th, with sets from Hybrid Frequency and Stargoon.]

* Will has passed along that this was an untitled piece — and that you can listen to/download his recording of his full set over at the Free Music Archive.

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