Friday, August 26, 2016

Recording: L.atasha A.lcindor

Artist: L.atasha A.lcindor

Songs: Talk My Shit + I'm Alive

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Camp Wavelength), August 19, 2016.

L.atasha A.lcindor - Talk My Shit

L.atasha A.lcindor - I'm Alive

Following and expanding on the template of last year's successful festival, Wavelength returned to the island with a meticulously-executed event that included an exciting range of music and a beach full of art beside festival headliner Lake Ontario. It also managed to be a stress-reducing rather than a stress-inducing time — rather like a weekend at the cottage, even if the city was just out of view.

When I first saw L.atasha A.lcindor a.k.a. L.A. on the island last year, I noted she played "a charismatic set that made her the night's de facto headliner", and that was pretty much the case once again, being the talk of the late-night crowd after her engaging set. Being able to project her dextrous wordplay on stage is no mean feat, and it's even more impressive that she managed to pull it off while throwing down some dance moves and interacting with the crowd. Best of all, her set made the space feel both close and intimate — especially on a talk about facing her own anxieties before "I'm Alive" — and Coachella-sized as she got the crowd worked up.

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