Monday, August 29, 2016

Concert Listings Roundup #164

You can read more about why I'm doing listings here. Long story short: This curated and decidedly non-comprehensive list contains nothin' but shows that I am going to/would go to if I had more time.

Gigs of the week:

Intersection Day 1 (feat. Elliott Sharp / Thin Edge New Music Collective / Soupcans) / Soybomb 2016-09-02 (Friday) [FB event]

Intersection Day 2 (feat. Absolutely Free with Contact / Imaginary Flesh / Kyle Brenders Ensemble / Gates / Raphael Weinroth-Browne / Michael Snow & Mani Mazinani / Brian Ruryk / Elliott Fienberg's Sound Spaghetti) / Yonge-Dundas Square 2016-09-03 (Saturday – free! outside! all day long! all ages + family-friendly!) [FB event]

I've been a longtime fan of the cognitive dissonance provided by the Intersection fest, which presents creative and experimental music in the middle of the blinking billboard oasis of Yonge-Dundas Square. As with last year, Tad Michalak (Feat in the East/Burn Down the Capital) is helping out with the booking and the lineup is a real doozy, including noise godhead Brian "Piece of Shit Guitar" Ruryk, the return of avant-progsters Imaginary Flesh, Kyle Brenders' large-format electroacoustic assemble and a headlining set matching rockers Absolutely Free with Contact Contemporary Music. It's free and will be happening all day long.

Plus, there'll be a different sort of cognitive dissonance the night before in a paid show co-curated with the Music Gallery that brings chamber music to famed DIY/punk venue Soybomb — and mixes in a set from slop-punk legends Soupcans.

This week's noteworthy shows:

Fisher/Hundevad/Gennaro (Carl Didur) / Array Space 2016-08-30 (Tuesday) [FB event]

Nick Fraser/Myk Freedman/Rob Clutton / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2016-08-30 (Tuesday)

Wolf's Nacho Wednesdays presents Abundant Habitat (feat. Nick Storring / Slowpitchsound / Manticore / Cetacea) / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2016-08-31 (Wednesday – early + late slots!) [FB event]

Taktus ["contemporary compositions for dual marimbas"] / Toronto Music Garden 2016-09-01 (Thursday – free! all ages! outside!) [more info]

Nick Fraser/Kenny Warren / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2016-09-01 (Thursday)

OKNO (Silver Pools / Chobo) / Rivoli 2016-09-01 (Thursday) [FB event]

Eucalyptus / Island Café 2016-09-02 (Friday – early show! island vibes!) [FB event]

Blood Ceremony [Lord of Misrule album release party!] (Comet Control / Hollow Earth) / Lee's Palace 2016-09-02 (Friday) [FB event]

Elsa (Vallens / Kurt Marble) / Smiling Buddha 2016-09-02 (Friday) [FB event]

Freeer [Free-Uhr] Records BBQ (feat. Tradition / Andre Charles Theriault / SGVBRIII [Susan Grace Van Beek Rogers III] / Stucco) / a yard on Beaconsfield 2016-09-03 (Saturday – afternoon/evening event!) [FB event]

Xenia Rubinos (Lido Pimienta) / The Drake Underground 2016-09-03 (Saturday – early show!) [more info]

Ashkenaz Festival (feat. Lemon Bucket Orkestra) / Harbourfront Centre – Brigantine Room 2016-09-03 (Saturday – free!) [more info]

Nite Comfort 37 (feat. SlowPitchSound & Germaine Liu / Heraclitus Akimbo) / Handlebar 2016-09-04 (Sunday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Optical Sounds Showcase: American Invasion (feat. The Veldt / Your 33 Black Angels / Dyr Faser / B-17) / Double Double Land 2016-09-04 (Sunday) [FB event]

photo by Melissa Goldstein

Add these to your calendar:

Reminder: This post only contains this week's updates — the full listings can always be found over on the right-hand sidebar!

Lunchtime Live! (feat. Lido Pimienta) / Yonge-Dundas Square 2016-09-05 (Monday – free! outside! all ages! lunchtime show @ 12:30 p.m.!) [FB event]

Kiwi Jr. (Brent Randall & The Rainbow Twangers) / The Monarch Tavern 2016-09-09 (Friday) [FB event]

Audiopollination #46 (feat. Dan Tapper/Chris Palmer/Adriana Monti / Diane Roblin/David Story/Alison Keery / Yuske Frutate/Alan Bloor/James Bailey) / Array Space 2016-09-10 (Saturday) [FB event]

Somewhere There Presents (feat. Linsey Wellman [solo sax] / Aldcroft/Sorbara/Wellman Trio) / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2016-09-10 (Saturday) [FB event]

Several Futures and Jonathan Culp [A New Place To Dwell release! "live multi-screen Super 8 film mashup, with driving musical accompaniment"] (Cameron/Cole/Perri/Rampersaud) / Array Space 2016-09-13 (Tuesday) [FB event]

HEX (Beige [tape release!] / Sigil [members of Frigs/HSY) / Smiling Buddha 2016-09-15 (Thursday) [FB event]

The Luyas (The Magic) / Double Double Land 2016-09-16 (Friday) [FB event]

Pow Wows [7" release party!] (Old Code / The New Enchanters) / Hard Luck Bar 2016-09-16 (Friday) [FB event]

Music Gallery History Series (feat. Jeremy Strachan) [talk] / Canadian Music Centre 2016-09-17 (Saturday – free! early event @ 5 p.m.!) [FB event]

Holger Schoorl 40th birthday concert (feat. Ken Aldcroft/Parmela Attiriwala/Kyle Brenders/Jonnie Bakan/Scott Gabriel/Pete Johnston/Cory Latkovich/Rob MacDonald/Kayla Milmine/Paul Newman/Matthew Pencer/Nicole Rampersaud/Michael Savona/Heather Saumer/Scott Thomson/Mitch Yolevsky/Mark Zurawinski / Ancient Egypt [Holger Schoorl/Kyle Brenders/Pete Johnston/Scott Thomson]) / Array Space 2016-09-17 (Saturday) [FB event]

Bellwether4 / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2016-09-27 (Tuesday) [FB event]

ZUZE ["more afrofunk music of Iran"] / Burdock Music Hall 2016-09-30 (Friday) [FB event]

Snowblink (GREX and the Drumheller Horn Section) / Burdock Music Hall 2016-10-08 (Saturday) [FB event]

Bernardino Femminielli (Elliott Vincent Jones / Cindy Lee) / The Baby G 2016-10-08 (Saturday) [FB event]

Snowblink ["an intimate multi-sensory experience"] / Burdock Music Hall 2016-10-09 (Sunday) [FB event]

Oozing Wound (Cellphone / Luge) / The Baby G 2016-10-16 (Sunday) [FB event]

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