Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Recording: Nicole Rampersaud + Colin Fisher

Artist: Nicole Rampersaud + Colin Fisher

Song: [first piece]

Recorded at Dundas Video (Track Could Bend #16: unc_RLed), July 5, 2016.

Nicole Rampersaud + Colin Fisher - [first piece]

In its continuing mission to find new ways to deconstruct and recombine various musical strands, this instalment of TCB saw the friends of local improvising aces c_RL split into its component parts, with each of the members invited to invite their choice of collaborators. Trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud opted to share the stage with Colin Fisher, who came armed with saxophones instead of guitars, leading to some powerful wind blowing from the stage. This was a case of two players competitively egging each other on — more of a friendly tussle than a cut-throat cutting contest, but fiercely-spirited stuff regardless. [Apologies are given for the technical imperfections in this recording — there's a bit of a percussive scuffing underneath the music throughout, the result of a member of the TCB technical crew forgetting to turn off a fan at the back of the stage.]

[Track Could Bend #17 will be at Dundas Video on August 2nd, with Kapali Carsi, ZOË, and Professor Andy Dolgin and the Cereal Killers.]

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