Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Recording: Kayla Grant

Artist: Kayla Grant

Song: [excerpt]*

Recorded at Array Space (Solonation), June 25, 2016.

Kayla Grant - [excerpt]

Planned as an ongoing semi-annual series, this night was the brainchild of Audiopollination's Mike Lynn. Whereas that series is centred around the idea of small-group spontaneous improvisation, this night was more about celebrating a wider range of creative musical practices in a quintet of short solo sets.

One of two song-based sets of the night, Kayla Grant presented an extended piece that revolved around the use of her voice, looped in the background into percussive murmurs and pitch-split in the foreground to present her own voice as a multiplicity.

The show was also livestreamed and has been archived on youtube. You can check out the full set here:

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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