Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Recording: Germaine Liu/Jonathan Adjemian/Matt Smith

Artist: Germaine Liu/Jonathan Adjemian/Matt Smith

Songs: [two excerpts]

Recorded at Dundas Video (Track Could Bend #16: unc_RLed), July 5, 2016.

Germaine Liu/Jonathan Adjemian/Matt Smith - [excerpt 1]

Germaine Liu/Jonathan Adjemian/Matt Smith - [excerpt 2]

In its continuing mission to find new ways to deconstruct and recombine various musical strands, this instalment of TCB saw the friends of local improvising aces c_RL split into its component parts, with each of the members invited to invite their choice of collaborators. This trio, convened by percussionist Germaine Liu, could have sounded like a lot of things, and in fact, though it quickly took shape, it didn't necessarily sound like what the participants themselves were expecting. Matt Smith brought his laptop and MIDI contollers, but actually spent more of the set playing guitar, grabbing a beer can to use as an impromptu slide. Both he and Jonathan Adjemian (on analog synth) also were moved to add some abstract vocals as well, giving a celebratory raga-ish edge to what turned into a junkshop groove like U.S. Maple gone prog.

[Track Could Bend #17 will be at Dundas Video on August 2nd, with Kapali Carsi, ZOË, and Professor Andy Dolgin and the Cereal Killers.]

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