Friday, August 7, 2015

Recording: Michael Lynn / Karen Ng / Brian Abbott / Kayla Milmine / Branko Dzinovic

Artist: Michael Lynn / Karen Ng / Brian Abbott / Kayla Milmine / Džinović

Songs: [improvised duos + trios]

Recorded at The Tranzac – Southern Cross Lounge ("Audiopollination #32.3"), July 30, 2015.

Michael Lynn/Karen Ng/Brian Abbott - [excerpt from first piece]

Michael Lynn/Kayla Milmine - [two edited sections]

Branko Džinović/Kayla Milmine/Karen Ng - [excerpt from first piece]

Branko Džinović/Brian Abbott - [two edited sections]

Audiopollination (usually found over at Array Space) took a field trip to The Tranzac for this casual session, which saw a pool of five frequent contributors to the series recombine in a series of duets and trios. The night's musicians were Michael Lynn (double bass), Karen Ng (alto sax), Brian Abbott (guitar), and Branko Džinović (accordion). There was a sense of both variety and continuity between the sets, and to hear these snippets from them all back to back as presented here gives the sense of a sort of continuous suite.

[Audiopollination returns to Array for the second instalment of its self-curation series next Tuesday (August 11th). They're also hosting a special night for Montréal guests Geraldine Eguiluz and Stéphane Diamantakiou on Sunday, August 30th.]

[P.S.: on a night of duos and trios, imaginary quartets sometimes appear as well.]

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