Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Recording: Love Thy Will Be Done

Artist: Love Thy Will Be Done

Song: I Am Enough For Myself [Sinéad O'Connor cover]

Recorded at Ratio, July 25, 2015.

Love Thy Will Be Done - I Am Enough For Myself

When he's weak, he's strong. Thom Gill has made a career of turning hipster taste-as-distinction on its ear — in embracing the least fashionable genres (lite rock, christian pop) and in demonstrating the strength of the songs despite their assumed limpidity. In that sense, it's business as usual for Gill, despite rebranding his solo THOMAS project as Love Thy Will Be Done. This set brought some old tunes and some new covers1, along with a new rotation of support musicians. Stepping out from their bedroom, Josh Cole was on five-string bass and (as heard here) bass synth while Matthew Pencer (who has worked some abstract angles with Gill before) added laptop-based percussion that sounded like an 808 plug-in being run through some randomisation patches. That created a lot of space for Gill's gently-astonishing guitar heroics while he addressed the lyrics with both tenderness and a certain genial insouciance. There's a fresh EP of demos available online, and hopefully we'll get some more frequent chances to hear this group in action.

1 "The second song was called 'Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman' by Bryan Adams, which I think is one of the worst songs ever written. [audience laughs] But Toronto's own Ryan Driver tweaked the lyrics a bit for me, just one word: 'ostrich'. And it really revitalizes everything, really sets the clock back to zero."

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